What LinkedIn Means to Your Freelance Career in the Cannabis Industry?

Almost 800 million professionals use LinkedIn. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunities to improve your brand?

(I decided to do this experiment to see how much revenue I can generate from LinkedIn connections in a year, starting January 10, 2022. Dedicating at least 30+ minutes per day to the platform, I expect to make at least $30,000 by January 10, 2023. Here’s how).

It’s all about making valuable connections through networking and posting helpful content. You can find the right people or the right people can find you; It’s that simple. But the execution of transitioning leads into profit will be hard af.

I’m not brand new to LinkedIn but wasn’t able to build a stable business before

LinkedIn is a vibrant and dynamic platform, so I’ll be connecting with the brightest minds in the Cannabis industry through:

  • Post articles
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Curated industry news
  • Updates
  • Polls
  • Image carousels

I currently have no meaningful connections in the industry and “newbie” experience as a copywriter. Although I’m starting from square one, creating straightforward content and engaging with people will likely promote my brand to the right people.

I’m Asking Myself, “Why Should You Commit to LinkedIn?”

With unparallel engagement and access to insights, you’re able to grow your list depending on your content skills. Consistently addressing the most significant problems impacting the field with solutions generates opportunities. A personal brand effectively humanizes your business which leads to dollars.

Shanee Moret’s poll provides insight into the power of personal branding

I want to find what success would look like on the social platform, aside from the monetary gain. I’ll use the Linkedin Social Selling Index, which measures:

  • Your professional brand and how you have established it
  • Whether you have found the right people
  • If you are engaging with others with insight
  • Whether you are building relationships

Setting the Stage Starts with a Goal

The end game is to capture email addresses. To do that, I’ll get their trust by presenting solutions to their problems. My content and comments will warm them up until they need my productize services or a project. I’m even involving the camera, lights, and mic to make a one-minute commercial for 1/4 of the post.

My Inbound Strategy is the Foundation

Posting relevant content about converting messaging in the cannabis industry will establish my authority. Once my prospects are ready, we’ll have a deeper conversation. This process will create a content flow of optimized leads. The content must be valuable, entertaining, and interesting to be successful.

Every day I’m Posting

Consuming content from thought leaders in my area of expertise will inspire my content. Each post has to provide insight into how my audience can make a meaningful change in their content/copywriting they can act on immediately.

The process will start once I post. The reactions to the content in the first hour are critical to who the LinkedIn algorithm will show the post to. Hopefully, my One Reader click’s on see more.

Storytell to Sell Well (1/3)

Pulling potential clients into my sales funnel will come from writing a post every day. Some posts will focus on personal stories that weave in a lesson. Bringing emotions into play with negative or positive stories will increase the reach of each post. Being vulnerable is hard since I’m putting myself out there, but it adds an element of authenticity to my brand.

These human-focused posts will emotionally connect with your audience via storytelling and vulnerability.

Providing Value is Priceless

My post will have relevant insights that take a fresh look at an existing idea in the industry.

Insights with a human touch. Every post will provide valuable content. I’m measuring each post in terms of success for the long game. And the name of the game is to find clients. Since LinkedIn has character restrictions for each post, I’m repurposing all my pieces for Medium, my blog, emails, and other social media platforms.

I’ll be developing my writing style and brand as I post selfie pics, gifs, and presentations, building my authority as messaging expert for CBD companies.

Consistently Posting and Promoting

In life, people value consistency.

According to Hootsuite, you should post at least once per day on Linkedin (and no more than 5 times).

2/3 of the posts will be industry-focused and insight-driven, while 1/3 of the post will promote my business and directly drive traffic to my website. To nurture leads, I’ll post relevant and engaging content. I’m using scheduled content to:

  • Stay top of mind
  • Spark conversations in my comment section
  • Reply to questions

Using Buffer and Hootsuite, I’ll automate each most post.

Key Elements of the Post Structure

LinkedIn truncates posts so that only your first two sentences show on the feed, so the introduction sentence (whether it’s a headline or a hook) has to entice your audience to stop scrolling. Combine it with a sentence that ends in a cliffhanger with a personal image, gif, or another visual element to increase the likelihood of getting clicks.

If the post has a visual component or note, the first 3 lines are visible, or the first 5 are before the “…see more” link.

Image courtesy of Justine Welsh’s LinkedIn Page

The keys will be my:

  • Benefit-driven headlines
  • Hooks
  • Numbers
  • Bullet points
  • Line breaks
  • Mentions
  • Emojis
  • Hashtags
  • Next steps

Benefit-driven headline

Enticing my audience with a single short sentence is the most critical element. It has to hook my One Reader using copywriting formulas.

Lead with the one-sentence summary of your post, so people feel compelled to click and learn more. I’ll encourage people to read more by consistently hitting enter twice to create white space.

Visual Element for Eyeballs

To increase the chances of my One Reader noticing my post in their feed, it’ll either be a GIF, video, document carousel, or photo to help to reinforce the premise of your post.


Since only the first two sentences show on the feed, if I opt just to write a hook it’ll evoke curiosity, make an audacious promise, challenge conventional wisdom, or several other ways to motivate readers to click.

  • An unbelievable statistic or quote
  • A startling failure I experienced
  • Stating that the status quo is wrong
  • A self-evident description of a valuable resource


With 60% of LinkedIn traffic coming through mobile, making the post as readable as possible is essential. The content will consist of my fresh take on existing copywriting ideas with relevant insights injected. The goal is to transform my audience’s transactions with the information they can implement to their content or copywriting right away.

When necessary, add (LOTS of) white space to make it more readable. Plus, one or two-sentence paragraphs make your posts short and punchy.


I’ll add emojis in your post to capture attention.​ After finding a prominent hashtag in the industry, I'll use it sparingly.

Next steps

To encourage participation from my audience I will use the following phrases:

  • “Share your tips” 👇
  • “Comments” 👇
  • Agreed?👇
  • Make sense?👇
  • Makes sense, right?
  • Thoughts?👇

Simplifying & Clarifying

I’ll be editing all my posts with Hemingway Editor, Grammarly, and my stupendous brain.

Hemingway Editor

How I’ll Track the Results of My Content

I’ll be inputting the campaign tracking code to the link to track the results.

Outbound Strategy Pushes Forward

My main goal is to spend a lot of time engaging with others. Having conversations leads to more valuable connections and more reach. Reach will come in handy when I’m posting. To accelerate my success, I plan to reach out to:

  • Other freelancer copywriters,
  • Designers
  • Web developers
  • Marketing directors
  • CEOS

Reaching out means following, connecting, directly messaging them, and commenting on their post every day. My strategy also includes sharing their content and mentioning them in my post when relevant. I’ll also endorse them by writing what impact their content has had on my career.

These actions can help get my content in front of them and their audience. The algorithm shows your posts to the followers of whichever posts you comment on. I’ll whitelist the accounts that provide the most value.

I plan to make connections in clusters and stand out as genuinely insightful or memorable.

For example, I will connect with all the graphic designers in Atlanta for a month. I’ll reach out to all the CEOS in the CBD arena the following month.


Drawing leads off the platform is professional networking on social media. The challenge comes when trying to make meaningful interactions and relationships with strangers. Yes, LinkedIn is crazy competitive so hopefully this experiment will foster some valuable tips to improve your impact. I’ll post all of my results, so stay tuned to understand better what happens to LinkedIn content post publishing.



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